Lunar Assistant: The Giving

Recap ex Roadmap

6 min readJan 7, 2022

Just shy of 4 months ago, GraviDAO came into being out of a shared vision for a decentralised future. We’ve come a long way since then and it’s been a hell of a ride no-one of us would have imagined to happen. Here’s the latest!

Table of contents:
- Lunar Assistant recap
- The Angel Alliance
- Possibilities, airdrops, utility and perks
- Lunar Assistant dashboard
- Lunar Development Warchest
- Mint FAQ
- Partners

Lunar Assistant recap

Lunar assistant, the one-stop Discord bot for token-gated communities has been a great success. Over 8000 users scattered accross 75+ servers are using it every day. The best thing about it? It’s super easy to set up and totally free!

Community requests came in for additional features such as mobile support, CW20 and cross-chain support, and a dashboard interface with voting features. To crowdfund our development, we attended the NFTerra hackathon, and started crafting a small NFT collection to serve as license keys for some of the advanced features. Our efforts were well received by the jury and as a result, we were awarded the NFTerra Grand Prize!!

Fast forward a couple of weeks and we’re at the dawn of mint for “Lunar Assistant: The Giving”, the first of a series of 3D-art collections with metaverse integrations. The second one, an exclusive PFP collection using the Unreal Metahuman gaming engine, got us the OnePlanet Jury Prize and will be due end of Q1.

The Angel Alliance

One of the finest protocols in the Terra ecosystem is undoubtedly Angel Protocol, an intelligent project capitalising on Anchor Protocol to offer perpetual donations to charity partners. GraviDAO being a community-centred collective, it was a no-brainer to partake in this effort and become a member of the Angel Alliance.

As such, we’re auctioning 20 custom ‘Legendary’ NFTs with 50% of the proceeds going into the Angel Endowment. These pieces come with their own mythological name and feature unique traits such as wings and special orbs. Additionally, it’s holders will have a special place in our community with exclusive airdrops and perks coming their way.

The Angel pieces will be auctioned in ten sets of two, a light and a dark twin. Holders are incentivized to have a matching set, either individually or among friends, to capitalise on the perks coming their way.

#007 Shateiel, angel of silence & #008 Tamiel, angel of the occult

Possibilities, airdrops, utility and perks

Even though these NFTs are first and foremost a means to fund the development of community tooling, we wouldn’t be satisfied without taking this opportunity to create something truly special and long-lasting. Here’s a breakdown of everything you can expect from us.

The Lunar Assistant series

Our first collection “The Giving”, featuring 500 unique hands with armour HUDs holding an orb, is the first in a series of 3D-modelled NFTs with the end goal creating a collection of full-body 3D avatars. These avatars will be mintable by holders of the series using the ‘Exodia’ or ‘Voltron’ concept i.e. combining different body parts into a fully-fledged being.
A gang of G-Borgs is on its way!

3D Metaverse

Our pieces are hand-modelled by Brazilian artist Guilherme Manera using 3D software. As such, the elements such as the armour HUD can be brought in-game and we’re actively setting up partnerships with the players in that space.
Just imagine walking around with your NFT attributes and you get the jist!

As a utility NFT

Projects wanting to use the Lunar Assistant dashboard and voting interface will need one NFT per server they wish to use it on. In this way, our NFTs act as perpetual licenses for advanced features. More information on the dashboard can be found below.

Airdrops and perks

GraviDAO, being a provider of community tooling, is in the perfect position to acquire gifts from participating projects for our gang of G-Borgs. Without spilling confidential information we can already disclose the following:

  • 150 Breadclip x GraviDAO orbs, mintable for free by whitelisted members.
  • A custom Wagmimonkeez x GraviDAO NFT raffled among Angel holders.
  • A custom Unstables x GraviDAO NFT raffled among Angel holders.
  • 10 Lunaverse token airdrops for our top ten holders.
  • Airdrops and WL-entries for side collections (new HUDs and Orbs).
  • Give-aways and pre-auction WL-entries for our second collection in the Lunar Assistant series, a tiny batch of PFPs launching on OnePlanet.
  • More token airdrops from ***, ****** and *********
Breadclip x GraviDAO orb airdrop & Wagmimonkeez x GraviDAO ‘Gravimonke’ & new tiny HUD ‘work in progress’

Lunar Assistant dashboard

Doing token-weighted voting is critical for crypto communities. However, Terra lacks a lot of infrastructure necessary to facilitate this. NFT voting to date isn’t available and current governance contracts for token voting only provide options for a few different voting styles. In addition, it is only the well-funded projects who are able to develop voting contracts and governance systems tailored to their needs.

We believe every community should be able to set up their own governance structures. In light of this, our first efforts post-mint will go towards building a Lunar Assistant dashboard where admins can manage their Discord roles and set up token-weighted voting using NFTs or tokens.

This is only a first step in building out governance solutions on Terra, serving as an intermediary while we develop a more complete governance platform.

Lunar Development Warchest

Even though our own roadmap covers a lot of community requests, as outlined in the Lunar Assistant whitepaper, we recognize new requests might come in along the way. To meet these needs, GraviDAO will set up a community governed Lunar Development Warchest. NFT holders will be able to make proposals for new features and have them funded and developed by GraviDAO and partners.

Mint FAQ


Whitelist mint: Sunday 9th of January, 150 pieces, 4pm UTC
Public mint: Tuesday 11th of January, 300 pieces, 4pm UTC
Mint price: 350 UST, mint on

Angel auction

Twenty custom Angel-themed pieces in sets of two
First four sets of two: Friday 7th of January, 4pm UTC
Fifth set of two: Monday 10th of January, 4pm UTC
Sixth set of two: Wednesday 12th of January, 4pm UTC
Last four sets of two: Friday 14th of Janary, 4pm UTC
Auctions run for 60 hours with an extension timer and start at 350 UST
Angel holders have VIP status and their own Discord role


15% going to the Lunar Development Warchest
2% going to Angel Protocol
2% going to Guilherme Manera
Warchest multi-sig: terra1yzvrz35wlucgs9mzdz3hvw0cqx3dfewle6caes

Mint proceeds

  • Retro-active payment for development at $40/h
  • Funding the GraviDAO warchest for setting up the required legal structures and developing Lunar Assistant and Motoko.
    Multi-sig: terra15g4aez0yq9pd78azgfpey2upycw7eyq65w8lnx


GraviDAO wouldn’t be what it is without the continuing interest and support of the Terra ecosystem and its many exciting projects. We’re proud to say we’ll be developing custom governance solutions for some of these projects, laying the foundation for ‘Motoko’, a fully featured governance platform you’ll hear more about in the near future. Special thanks to: TFL, Angel Protocol, Talis, Momentum Free, DefiDesk, Terra Spaces, OnePlanet, Minerva, Lunaverse, Galactic Punks, Lunabulls, Crunks, Unstables, SDollars, Wagmimonkeez, Breadclip, Terra Dragons, Cryptowolfiez,

If you’d like to know more, propose a partnership or are looking for investment opportunities, please contact us on Discord, Telegram, Twitter or by mail.




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