GraviDAO x HellCats presents: GraviCats

3 min readFeb 6, 2022


GraviCats is a collab between HellCats and GraviDAO to celebrate their partnership. A third of the supply will be airdropped to NFT holders from a variety of communities through raffles and design-a-trait contests.

GraviDAO x HellCats

We are proud to announce a partnership with Hellcats, one of the coolest NFT projects on Terra. As our luminaries, HellCats will be among the first projects to try-out and test the Lunar HQ Pilot, bringing token-weighted community polling to their Discord server.

To celebrate, GraviDAO has teamed up with Anchanted Art for a small collection of GraviCats. These represent our kinship and a third of the supply will be airdropped to our mutual supporters.

The GraviCats are on the loose, scouring the Terra streets in search for fresh mice and mints. If you’re lucky, you might find one in your back-alley holding a monkee in its fangs!

Design-A-Trait contest

GraviDAO will organise Design-A-Trait contests with its other partners, rewarding creative entries with a free NFT. These contests will take place throughout February and March and will be announced on Twitter and Discord.

To participate, you’ll download a template and design a trait in Paint, Gimp, Photoshop or any other illustrating tool. Winners will be decided by our partner’s respective community and will see their entry displayed in the final collection after integration from Anchanted Art.

They go many places, gathering alpha and stories from all around, and you’ll recognise their home base by the swag they wear. Take good care of them, but don’t throw ‘m in bath, and in due time they might just lead you to some juicy rewards!

GraviCats membership perks

GraviCats holders will receive the GraviCat Discord role on the Hellcats and GraviDAO server, granting them entry to bi-weekly poker tournaments with prizes sponsored by GraviDAO. Estimate pot will be 500 $GRAVI per event.

In addition, GraviCat holders will be eligible for GraviDAO airdrops. A total of 180.000 $GRAVI tokens will be made available for claim. In this way we want to distribute our tokens as fairly as possible to active supporters. More information on this will follow on a later date.

Supply & Airdrop

The GraviCats collection will consist of 1000 randomly generated NFTs,
one third will be airdropped to NFT holders according to the follow schema:

Supply: 1000
Price: 50 UST
Mint date: April, TBA
Marketplace: Luart
Artist: Anchanted Art

666 Open Mint, NO WL
150 Airdropped to members who hold a HellCat AND Lunar Assistant NFT
50 Airdropped to HellCats
50 Airdropped to G-Borgs
63 Airdropped to participating projects for Design-A-Trait contest winners
21 for the team

50% to Anchanted Art
30% to GraviDAO
20% to Lunar Development Community Warchest
multi-sig: terra1yzvrz35wlucgs9mzdz3hvw0cqx3dfewle6caes

40% to Anchanted Art
30% to HellCats
30% to Lunar Development Community Warchest

Anchanted Art




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