GraviCats Roadmap Q4 2022

5 min readOct 18, 2022


With the launch of GraviCats on OnePlanet Polygon, we’re excited to present our roadmap for this fall!

Table of contents

  • DAO 2 Earn
  • Diwali Special
  • GraviCats RAID
  • Halloween Special
  • Weekly Poker Collabs
  • Black Friday Special
  • Hannukah Festival of Light
  • GraviCats Merch Drop
  • GraviCats DAO Initiation

DAO 2 Earn

With the roll-out of our Discord Bounty Board, community members are now able to earn from participating in games and doing quests. Earnings are denominated in Discord tokens and work as follows:

  • Earn Yellow and Cyan tokens in games and through bounties
  • Use your tokens for Poker Rebuys OR
  • Save up your tokens and exchange them for Gravi Coins
  • Buy NFTs held in our Treasury with your Gravi Coins

We regularly add new NFTs to our treasury, below you can see some of our recent additions!

Diwali Special

GraviCats is an international community, so it’s only logical we celebrate cross-cultural holidays! We’ll kick off this new tradition with a special event around the Indian Diwali celebration.

Trading Contest — Earn a unique trait upgrade for your GraviCat!

On Monday, October 24, everyone trading a GraviCat will be entered in a pool. At the end of the day, 10 lucky traders who also hold a GraviCat can claim their Diwali traits, which will be added to a GraviCat of their choice.
We’ll update the metadata on-chain to reflect this upgrade.

We have two traits honoring Rama’s return to Ayodhya: an Indian crown and a special background. Holders can choose any combination with their own cat.

This is your chance to acquire a truly unique and rare GraviCat!
Best of luck to you, and may Rama shine brightly on you!

GraviCats RAID

What’s an NFT project without a good raid every now and then, right?
So far, we’ve been a kind bunch of cats, but coming Q4 we’ll take up our sushi *urm ARMS and start raiding other Discord servers!

Cat holders who participate can claim rewards in the DAO 2 Earn spirit.
Let’s RAID!!

Halloween Special

From Monday 31 October until Sunday 6 November, GraviCats will run its Halloween Trading Contest.

Trading Contest — Earn $MATIC and a pair of GraviDAO socks!

During the Halloween Trading Contest, all royalties on secondary sales will go into a big prize pool which will be distributed at the end of the event as follows:

  • 30% of $MATIC goes to 10 random traders (3% each)
  • 30% of $MATIC goes to the top 10 holders (3% each)
  • 20% of $MATIC is used to sweep the GraviCats floor
  • 20% of $MATIC goes into the GraviCats Treasury
  • Top 5 holders get a pair of GraviDAO Socks

Weekly Poker Collabs

Collabs are and always will be at the heart of the GraviCats vision.

With the summer collabs focused around OnePlanet projects, this time we will strike collabs with Polygon native projects, especially the huge gaming scene. Some of the projects we’ve talked to include: Gunfire, Life Beyond, Knights and Peasants, The Red Village & Pipeflare. We hope to foster our social network in this way, which will benefit not only GraviCats but GraviDAO as a whole including Lunar Assistant and The GraviDAO Podcast.

Stay up-to-date with the announcements by following our socials!

Cats go to Qatar

The GraviCats head to the pitch in soccer’s natural home of… Qatar!?

Get ready for the Gravicat World Cup Bracket Challenge. From November 20th to December 18th, Gravicat holders will have the opportunity to take part in predicting the outcomes of the 2022 FIFA World Cup! We will have a Gravicat exclusive bracket leaderboard to harness some friendly competition. An exciting prize pool is also up for grabs, stay tuned for further information in early November!

Black Friday Special

On Friday, November 25, GraviCats will hold a special trading contest to reward a few lucky ones with some extra bucks for buying Christmas presents!!

  • All $MATIC royalties are raffled to 5 random traders

Hannukah Festival of Light

This one came in as a suggestion from our cross-cultural community and we love the spin it gives compared to a traditional Christmas event. If our Halloween Special looks good, wait till you see this one!

Hannukah Trading Contest

  • 40% of $MATIC goes to 20 random traders (2% each)
  • 20% of $MATIC goes to the top 10 holders (2% each)
  • 20% of $MATIC goes to 10 random holders (2% each)
  • 10% of $MATIC is used to sweep the GraviCats floor
  • 10% of $MATIC goes into the GraviCats Treasury
  • Holders of 10+ cats receive a free GraviCats T-shirt
  • Holders of 5+ cats receive a pair of GraviDAO socks

GraviCats Merch Drop

As part of the Hannukah Festival of Light, we’re designing a small batch of screen-printed T-Shirts. We’ll drop those to our biggest holders for free and keep a couple in our treasury for future events.

GraviCats DAO Initiation

GraviCats has been a community-oriented project from day 1, with all revenue flowing back to holders in a non-profit ethos. As GraviDAO continues its trajectory into new ventures, we think it’s healthy for GraviCats to start its own DAO and mature beyond the GraviDAO womb.

We hope what we’ve done with the GraviCats Summer events and the ones outlined in this Q4 roadmap gives the GraviCats DAO plenty of fuel to drive onwards. How this new DAO operates is something we wish to refine together with our noteworthy community members in the coming months so that by year’s end we can transition to a self-sustaining model.
GraviCats DAO will of course continue to receive support from GraviDAO where needed!





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