GraviCats Poker Tournaments

With the airdrop snapshot completed and the mint closing in, let’s take a look at the perks for holding a Cat!

4 min readApr 8, 2022


Owning a cat will grant you exclusive access to bi-weekly poker tournaments with a prize-pool sponsored by GraviDAO. In addition, GraviCats will earn $GRAVI airdrops, the governance token playing a vital role in the DAO infrastructure we’re building.

In this article:
- Bi-weekly Poker tournaments
- Airdrops for holders
- $GRAVI token
- Design-a-Trait winners
- Snapshot details
- Ownership rights

Bi-weekly poker tournaments

One of the perks of owning a GraviCats NFT will be our bi-weeky poker tournaments. Owning a cat will grant you the GraviCat Discord role on either the GraviDAO or HellCats server and give you exclusive access to these events, which will be hosted every first and third weekend of the month.

The prize pool will be distributed as follows:
1st place 150 $UST + 1500 $GRAVI tokens
2nd place 100 $UST + 1000 $GRAVI tokens
3rd place 50 $UST + 500 $GRAVI tokens

The prize pool will run for a duration of 18 months, after which the GraviDAO community will decide if they want to keep on sponsoring these poker tournaments with community funds.

Some of Rasavage’s AI entries for the GraviCats Design-a-Trait contest

Airdrops for GraviCats holders

In addition to earning give-aways through the Poker tournament prize pool, GraviCats holders will earn $GRAVI token airdrops on a recurring basis. A total of 360,000 tokens are reserved for this purpose and snapshots will start in Q3 after we conclude development on Lunar HQ.

Our other collections will also be eligible for airdrops with more info coming in due time.

$GRAVI tokens?

“But what are $GRAVI tokens?”
In short, our token will serve two main purposes:
1 - First, $GRAVI tokens are utility tokens for the tools we build. They’ll unlock access to premium features for Lunar Assistant, provide more utility with our Lunar HQ, and serve as the base currency for interacting with our future vote-to-earn model and bribe mechanics!
2 - Second, $Gravi tokens serve as the governance token for GraviDAO, ensuring the tools we build are community-owned and managed — all while allowing the community to request extended features they would like to see developed!

More information on our governance token will be released at a later date.
Lunar Assistant: The Giving NFT holders need not worry. Utility for this collection will remain a central pillar of our model and they’ll receive a juicy airdrop to get them started on our future products.

The $GRAVI token will not be ready when the GraviCats collection launches. We will keep a list of all the tournament winners prior to the token generation event. Once the launch occurs, they will be able to claim their winnings in $GRAVI. The rewards in $UST will be paid immediately after the conclusion of each bi-weekly tournament.

Design-a-Trait contest winners

We’ve had many wonderful submission being send in for the contest over the last few weeks and want to thank everyone who put in the effort! Not all of you were able to claim a prize but we enjoyed seeing every single one of them. Below are some entries we were particularly thrilled about, some of which will find their way into the official collection!

Our team’s favourite submissions.

Snapshot details

In line with our previous announcement, we are airdropping a total of 250 GraviCat NFTs to holders of HellCats and Lunar Assistant: The Giving NFTs.
- 150 Airdropped to members who hold a HellCat AND Lunar Assistant NFT
- 50 Airdropped to HellCats holders
- 50 Airdropped to The Giving holders

We made a snapshot on Sunday 3th of April and drew winning token IDs, excluding tokens held by marketplaces or treasuries. The results of those can be found here.

A total of 180 winners were selected, with 56 of those winning 2 or more GraviCat airdrops. Congrats to the winners!

Ownership rights

In line with the HellCats collection, GraviCats will adopt the same model for ownership rights. This means by owning a GraviCat you are granted all rights pertaining to personal and commercial use, excluding any third-party logo’s displayed on the art such as but not limited to the GraviDAO and Lunar Assistant logo. More information can be found here.

GraviCats will adopt a copy-left variation of this license, meaning you can use your GraviCat for personal and commercial use, including selling merch or other derivatives, so long as you explicitly state the name and author of this collection to be GraviCats by GraviDAO and mention this in any derivatives you create.

That’s all for now Cats!
Don’t forget, our mint is on April 17th on Luart! We’re getting close!

Anchanted Art

Disclaimer: Any information provided in this article is not financial advice, is strictly for educational purposes and is liable to change. Any community events organised by GraviDAO, including but not limited to online Poker tournaments, are strictly for recreational purposes and don’t involve using currencies to engage in gambling activities. Any rewards given to users who participate in these events are strictly to incentivize participation and GraviDAO Foundation does not derive any financial benefit from doing so.




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